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Lisa james, 2nd September 2006

Invaluable - thank you so much!!!! If it wasn't for this site my children would be without a mum for months while I prepered resources. Truly SUPERB

Judi, 1st September 2006

Amazing. When I began teaching a pre-entry group last January, I felt daunted to say the least, having never taught this level before. I stummbled across you website and I have never looked back. Thank you

Sarah, 1st September 2006

What a wonderful site. Keep up the good work. I am sharing it with everyone I know!!

Anonymous, 31st August 2006

Think this is one of the best sites I use. Teacher of the deaf

Anthea, 31st August 2006

This is a fantastic site. I use it to print my pupil of the week certificates for my class. I have printed many of the number & letter fans which have been a great help. Congratulations and well done.

Harriet, 31st August 2006

This website has been invaluable for me as a newly qualified teacher thank you so much - keep the resources coming!!

Lorraine, 30th August 2006

I LOVE this site! I came across it last school year when I was looking for instructional materials for a first grade student with autism. Although he was fully included in the first grade, the instructional materials were not appropriate. That is where your site was SO HELPFUL. The student since has moved out of state so I no longer work with him. I am now at a new school with new students who have similar needs. I was pleased to see the new additions and updates to the site. Thanks so much! Lorraine

Jillie, 30th August 2006

Wonderful and helpful site. I will share it with my co-teachers. Thanks so much!!!

Ron, 30th August 2006

I teach LD&D students in a FE College and I find this site invaluable. Thanks for a great site

sean, 28th August 2006


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