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Anonymous, 19th September 2006

I really like the certificate maker, especially now the date can be changed! I like the look of the other printables, however I have some older pupils who are low ability and I'm not sure that they will be suitable (too young in design).

Although they are often used by primary school teachers as well, most of these resources are intended for teenagers with moderate to severe learning disabilities working at lower NC levels - or below.

chloe, 18th September 2006

this is very usefull do you have any 24 hour clocks

Lynne-Marie B, 18th September 2006

as a mother of a 6 1/2 year old son with dyspraxia, which has especially affected his handwriting, this web site has been a god send in supporting him with his homework. Thankyou

H. Ryfa, 17th September 2006

You guys are so wonderful to provide the templates. I spent the better part of my Sunday afternoon downloading and printing flashcards and matching games. I work as a special education teacher with The Delaware Autism Program and you can count on me recommending your website. Thanks for all you do. Most of us can't afford all the software that would benefit our teaching needs. Thanks again. Helen Ryfa

Sherri, 16th September 2006

WOW! I was looking for a dice pattern and found a treasure! This is a wonderful site for my classroom. I've already sent it to our litereacy teachers. Thank you!

Anonymous, 16th September 2006

Wow! I searched the net for 2 hours for printable geometric shapes the kids could build. We're designing a house and learning about area and these shapes will allow us to get very creative and learn how to find the area of all sorts of shapes. Thanks, I'm so glad I found this site!!

Rhonda, 16th September 2006

This is an awesome website. I teach students who have moderate to severe developmental disabilities. I am so glad that my technology consultant sent me the link.

Lou, 15th September 2006

This is a great website, I am glad it is free to help my students. Thank you

Anonymous, 15th September 2006

this is a great site

Emma, 14th September 2006

An excellent site. What alot of time it will save as a SENCO and a reception/year 1 class teacher. I am going to find it very useful and will pass the address on to the rest of the school staff.

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