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Matt, 24th September 2006

Thanks, will be using your expression cards in PSHE lessons. Thanks for all the time and hard work that you must have put in to creating a great website.

Rita Saunders, 24th September 2006

this website is so helpful, the worksheets are great and I have used them to help so many children with lots of different area's of learning. Keep up the good work

Anonymous, 24th September 2006

This is a fantastic website and thank you for making my teaching easier. It is so difficult to design templates for numeracy and literacy topics - your ideas are fantastic and can be so easily adapted to reach so many different levels of learner.

Anonymous, 23rd September 2006

What a great resource! Thank you!

Anonymous, 23rd September 2006

Great site - came across a problem you may like to know about - entered 100 as intervals on both the number line sheets and the printer tried to print 100 copies each time!

Bit of an awful bug! I've fixed it now, thanks for letting me know.

Boo, 21st September 2006

This site is fantastic! What a time saver. I like the expression dice- the symbols. Would like to see cards done in the symbols too as the faces are hard for young children to read clearly.

Dawn, 20th September 2006

Simply the best!!

Anonymous, 19th September 2006

Thank you so much for putting these materials on the internet!!

Andy Grant, 19th September 2006

Hi, im an I.C.T Co-ordinator in a special needs school, i found your site by accident, it's Brilliant! Easy to navigate, super worksheet generators etc , got to be the best S.E.N site i have seen to date. You should be shouting about this site to all the special needs schools and Uni's that teach Autism courses etc and getting big companies including the department of Education to sponsor you. Once again, Brilliant site! Cheers :) Andy Grant

Anonymous, 19th September 2006

I am a supply teacher in primary education, I love your site.

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