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Anonymous, 1st October 2006

Great website but having trouble printing off a large 2 coin any ideas?

It can take a while for some of these sheets to print - a delay before printing starts due to the complexity of some of the images. I'm not aware of any problems, the sheets all print OK on HP Inkjets, Postscript Laser Printers and also to PDF. Could be that you just need to wait a while, but if you drop me a line with the make and model of printer I'll check for issues.

Jennifer S, 30th September 2006

As a teaching assistant this site is priceless. i have found so many resources for my SEN children. thank you!!

Skymoo, 30th September 2006

I am so glad that I found this website. Your resources are fantastic - just finding nets that are big enough for children to cut out as independently as possible was great.

Raj, 29th September 2006

as a tutor i love this site ,Mwah!!!!!!!!

Stephanie, 29th September 2006

Thank you so much for being here! What a gem! I just began homeschooling my 14 yr old autistic daughter w/ZERO verbal skills, and was looking for more complete resources...and I found them here. Thank you thank you thank you

Tim, 29th September 2006

Fantastic resources thanks very much

Amlulya, 28th September 2006

Really amazing. I got the required material from ur site. Thank you very much. Keep updating. All the best.

michael, 28th September 2006


john, 28th September 2006

As an sen teacher I have found this site most helpful. Keep up the good work

Bea, 28th September 2006

Thank you for your hard work. The resources are excellent!

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