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mrs barton, 17th October 2006

hello mrs barton recons this is a fantastic site and she uses it every week for her daughters spellings so it is easier for her to learn them! she would like the thank the person who made this site because this site has made her life much much easier and her daughter has got 15/15 every week because she has the cards! thank you very muchly appreichiated!

JILL TOWNEND, 17th October 2006

I found this site fantastic I love printing things off for my children to do at home they think the exercises on the site are 'cool' too

Anonymous, 15th October 2006

This sent is great it has helped me a lot.

Michelle, 14th October 2006

I was so glad to see there was actually a site that didn't try to sell you any worksheets--everything was FREE! Thanks!

Poppy, 14th October 2006

THANK YOU for this wonderful site! I am learning mentor and special needs assistant and quite resourceful, but this site helps me make resources quickly. Easy to use and attractively illustrated.

Anonymous, 14th October 2006

I agree, a great site that will save me so much time. I have told all my staff about it. Thanks.

ruthie, 14th October 2006

Thankyou so much, your printables have saved me so much time!

Edward, 13th October 2006

sen teacher is really a great help for me!!!!!

Anna Turman, 12th October 2006

This theme is interesting to me, and also very important in work. Your site became my constant satellite!

Louise, 11th October 2006

Great site but I was wondering whether any of the teachers who visit the site can help me investigate the problems and issues around teacher SEN pupils. Its for my degree and any help would be great. Thank you

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