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Manon, 17th November 2006

I think this website is reale good and it is fun to learn things on this website.We are doing 3D nets at school and all of our things come from this website!

Anonymous, 16th November 2006

I was just browsing through your website and found great printables for some of our special needs students. Thanks

Anonymous, 15th November 2006

Just found your site today and it is marvellous. I was looking for handwriting sheets and I found them. Thanks!

Anonymous, 15th November 2006

Supplied with your website on an SEN training course and must congratulate you it's fantastic!

Sarah, 14th November 2006

Your site is AMAZING!! The activity sheets are so clear and precise; children are happy to approach the work independently which has really boosted their confidence. It has also saved me an ENORMOUS amount of preparation, thank you.

dl paris, 12th November 2006

I have been browsing through your site. There seems to be a lot of very useful resources here. I have not however, found any info on the organization and would love to. Please let me know more about your organization. Thanks for all the resources

scabby, 12th November 2006

Hi These certificates are great i use them all the time for loads of different occasions!!!!!

Anonymous, 12th November 2006

Ithink your web could be better by having worksheets on your family

Anonymous, 12th November 2006

I think the updated website resources are really useful! We have OFSTED next week, and the printable worksheets make life much easier. Thank you.

susan, 11th November 2006

my daughter came home from school with this web address in her pocket. it is fantastic. my youngest loves the printables sheets and i have printed off certificates for her for completing the worksheets. she thinks it is great because she has them all over her bedroom!!!!(she's only 3!!) the fact that these are free is a bonus. thank you.

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