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Sheila, 9th July 2013

How do I save to my pen drive so I can print it off later ???

Amber, 2nd July 2013

It is a great site. I have tried hours spending on other certificate websites but here I found very easy to use items. Thanks a lot.

Mildred, 30th June 2013

This saved me mega bucks and time for awards for at-risk students, who allegedly never receive awards. The selections of designs and batch printing were exceptionally wonderful. Thank you so much.

Kelly, 28th June 2013

Website is so useful and appreciated!

Mohammad Helmy, 26th June 2013

I would like to thank you for this wonderful site... It is really very helpful. THANK YOU

Anonymous, 6th June 2013

I Love this site I teach literacies and I use the worksheets activities etc. I also use them to help my grandchildren to count and tell the time. A big thank you to SEN teacher :)

Anonymous, 29th May 2013

I really like this site. helped me decorate my classroom

Anonymous, 26th May 2013

This is an awesome site. I've recently enrolled as a remedial teacher and these ideas have enhanced my knowledge. Thankyou You!!!!

HazelB', 25th May 2013

I have been using resources provided on this website since 2004 and my learners love all the activities I create with your help.

Anonymous, 22nd March 2013

Hi. Thank you for the site. It is a wealth of information and great printable worksheets and models to help the students I work with. That being said, I am Canadian and would LOVE to have the money sheets and manipulatives in Canadian currency if at all possible. Thank You!

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