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Anonymous, 14th December 2006

What happened to the Kingsbury School site?

Regrettably I was asked to take it down by the school. The site dated back to 2001 when I working there. Most of Kingsbury has since been amalgamated and all thats left is the primary department so it was felt the old site was confusing and no longer relevant. Its a shame as despite its age it was still getting 1000 visits a week!

S. Little, 12th December 2006

I really enjoyed using this site; I don't need certificates often so it was nice to be able to use this for the one I needed.

Kelly, 11th December 2006

Just wanted to say what a great site this is. It has saved me hours of time. Thank You

Otto, 11th December 2006

Hi!!! Excellent resource you've got here!!! Will definately be back!!!

Tracy, 10th December 2006

A brilliant site. This site was recommended by a colleague. Thanks to both of you.

Donna, 8th December 2006

I think this site is amazing, it has so many useful resources for free.

Tyrone Nicholson, 6th December 2006

Just wanted to say this is a great site. it is so straight forward. you just type and click and it's done. it doesn't even have to load the certificate up after you have finished making it. great site.

Janet Freeman, 6th December 2006

Hi, I just want to commend you for a fantastic site - your resources are fantastic and have come in handy for any student of any ability. They are really user friendly and i've recommended your site to so many people - they are thankful of your resources too! Keep up the good work! Thanks :) Janet.

Christine Pugh, 6th December 2006

Just wanted to say this is a really neat website. Thanks for making things much easier.

Anonymous, 6th December 2006

Thanks for the site Some certificates of achievement for my students should make their day

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