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Debbie, 27th December 2006

Fantastic resources, thank you. I'm a sen teacher convert

Judy, 27th December 2006

What a find! I am hoping to be able to use some of these programmes with my brother in law, who for xmas was given a laptop. He is an adult with learning disabilities, but missed early school years, so I feel he will benefit from these programmes. Thankyou so much!!!

John, 22nd December 2006

Thanks very much, I needed something to give to my daughter to show she was getting a magazine subscription for xmas (they didnt supply anything) so just adapted a certificate!! Great site.

Vicky, 20th December 2006

This is the most useful site i've ever found!!! There is so many resources on here. Ypu have saved me a lot of time. Thank you

Anonymous, 17th December 2006

super stuff saved my bacon ideal for tree decorations

Anonymous, 15th December 2006

This is the most useful site I have ever found, saves so much time and stimulates loads of ideas!!

Sarah, 14th December 2006

This site is excellent. It will save me so much time and has given me great ideas. Thanks

Anonymous, 14th December 2006

What happened to the Kingsbury School site?

Regrettably I was asked to take it down by the school. The site dated back to 2001 when I working there. Most of Kingsbury has since been amalgamated and all thats left is the primary department so it was felt the old site was confusing and no longer relevant. Its a shame as despite its age it was still getting 1000 visits a week!

S. Little, 12th December 2006

I really enjoyed using this site; I don't need certificates often so it was nice to be able to use this for the one I needed.

Kelly, 11th December 2006

Just wanted to say what a great site this is. It has saved me hours of time. Thank You

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