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Wuzzy, 3rd March 2007

Fabulous site - I teach Year 1 and have made all sorts of cards for phonics activities, matching games etc. (not just for my lower achieving children either). I just love the fact that I can make customised sets which I can differentiate and target to the precise needs of my class. It's costing a fortune in laminating pouches, I just can't resist making a few more resources every time I visit. THANK YOU.

Anonymous, 2nd March 2007

this is so cool i really love it it really helps thanksxx

Anonymous, 2nd March 2007

I use this site all the time I work with students witha wide range and many different learning difficulties can we have some digital time sheets.

Tara, 1st March 2007

Found this link on, now living in Australia and will recommend to the local high schools, fantastic thanks, all the way from the other side of the world!

Mrs B, 1st March 2007

I cover sen for a Primary school, this website, which I stumbled on this morning,is fantastic.However, occasionally I deal with the Gifted and Talented aswell, it would be great to see a site like yours aimed at these children. They have special needs aswell, don't they? All ideas welcome.

Mrs Milner, 28th February 2007

Great excellent resources, came upon this site by accident. Will be telling all my colleagues about this site. Many thanks, have already put you on my favourites.

Pammie, 28th February 2007

Fantastic follow me maker- I knew what to do but needed a bit of explanation as to where to put the start and finish on the cards- otherwise a superb resource

Anonymous, 27th February 2007

Many thanks. Very useful resources.

Mrs Fairey, 26th February 2007

I have made dominoes with your printables resource, but find that it makes two dominoes using one pair of words, and I cannot get out of this. Have I got it wrong? I don't want to discard two dominoes each time.

LSA Hampshire, 26th February 2007

Great site use it a lot....any chance of material to promote self-esteem, reward charts, bookmarks for stickers etc...

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