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Narayanan, 7th September 2013

Very useful site for parents with special kids. Your are doing a wonderful service to the world.

Anonymous, 4th September 2013

This site is great What a wonderful resource that I will share

Anonymous, 3rd September 2013

Thank you I searched and searched for printable flashcards, and you had just what I was looking for. It was so easy to print all the vocabulary flashcards I needed.

Anonymous, 10th August 2013

Hi, I used your site whilst I was at uni for assignments and loved it. I came back on recently and most of my favourites were gone. Could you please re upload onset and rime tiles and the domino generator for maths. There were so many things that I loved on here I hope they all come back.

The site is being updated over Summer - all the original printables will be finished in time for the new (UK) School Year. Simon.

A Rob, 23rd July 2013

Hi, I am a SEN Assistsnt in a primary school , I love using your site to make reading certificates for the children I work with. but after the new look and updates to your site, though it looks fantastic, most of the tweaks has gone also to navigate around the page has become much complicated. Please can you bring back the old certificate making tools and templates.Thank You Rob

C Chamaberlain, 17th July 2013

I have used this site for many years now and love your onset and rime generator for your own word lists.I think you called it dominoes Please bring them back.

They'll be back soon, the site is currently being updated - Rime wheel is up, but not the cards yet!

Paulo Roberto de Oliveira, 16th July 2013

I'm a Brazilian English Teacher and I'm in Orlando Florida in the University of Central Florida to improve my English.I liked this site very much and I want to use it in my classroom.

Anonymous, 16th July 2013

Using this webpage as part of a university assignment on AAC.

George, 15th July 2013

I haven't used your site for a few months and cannot find either the literacy loop cards, or the literacy dominoes. Can you tell me where to find them please. Thank you.

The site is mid-update currently. The new versions of these will be up within a couple of weeks at latest - these are being improved to print full sets of (always playable) dominoes and support the shared word lists used in the other printables.

Anonymous, 14th July 2013

New site looks brilliant. Well done

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