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bob, 23rd April 2007

i really like how u disply the shapes

Alex, 23rd April 2007

Thank You

sharon, 19th April 2007

Brilliant site,loads of really good ideas.I am a 1-1 teaching assistant for a child with prader - willi syndrome.your site has helped me find resouces to deal with her behaviour aswell as lots of printables to help with her education. thank you

Mrs V. Clark, 31st March 2007

What a fantastic website. I am a one-to-one teaching assistant and have found numerous ideas and printables to use with my pupil. Many thanks. I will definately be spreading the word!

Jayne, 29th March 2007

Brilliant site thanks for all the help for my kids.

David Papworth, 28th March 2007

What an excellent site! Thank you so much!

Alice, 27th March 2007

Thank you so much for a great site. I introduced the teachers in my SEI class to your website, and they were sooo excited about it! So many great manipulatives for ELL students.

Fiona, 23rd March 2007

Thank you so much for all the resources on your site. You make my job so much easier.

Kelli, 22nd March 2007

I have been tryng to find printable 3-d nets and can't find them.

You will find them here: Printable Nets

Anonymous, 21st March 2007

I'm a teacher of students with moderate to severe handicapping conditions in the USA. Thanks for your wonderful FREE information and resources!

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