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Carolyn, 13th June 2007

Thank you for such a great website!! I love being able to customise the worksheets!! Making my planning much easier!! :)

Darren Davies, 10th June 2007

Excellent website. A very useful resource for everyone. Darren

Julia, 8th June 2007

Thank you soo much; this is a BRILLIANT resource. I have spent all morning downloading games for 5 year olds to practise anything and everything. Love the way the font adapts and the pics are excellent.

tracyb, 5th June 2007

I teach a severly Autistic young adult with no speech and this will help me a lot many thanks and I will be a regular visitor.

karen, 5th June 2007

very interested site and useful

KinaRumin, 1st June 2007

Hello. I liked your site. Very useful resource. THE BEST. Thanks. Sincerely, Kina

jess, 30th May 2007

good website

carol p, 30th May 2007

Hi!!! Excellent resource you've got here!!! Will definately be back!!!

Daniel Black, 26th May 2007

you do have very interesting interactive computer games/activities. But I was wondering if you would have them compatible to Mac operating system??

Judith, 24th May 2007

This is the most amazing site, it will save me hours in preparing resources. Something for every lesson! I must get a life!!! Thanks

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