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Walerian, 22nd July 2007

I want to say - thank you for this! ;)

Ann, 18th July 2007

Thank you for a very helpful resource tool. I am a teacher's aide and have found it invaluable for school and also for my own children.

jane stephenson, 18th July 2007

i discovered your sit ethis morning and everyone in our scholl loves it, the resourses are great !

beth, 18th July 2007

this is a fantastic site...there should be more like it! thank you so so much!

Genevieve, 15th July 2007

Excellent site, added to favorites!! ;)

Pat, 15th July 2007

What a treasure of printables. I have turned on my fellow co-workers onto this site and they also love it. Thanks so much for the fantasic website. I teach elementary and laminate many of the printiables as work stations.

Silvia, 13th July 2007

What a fantastic website! Came across it by chance looking for ideas to make certificates for a 'virtues / moral education class' which I run at a community centre for about 14 children.. The printables and downloads will also be very useful for my own child with Aspergers.

Jules, 13th July 2007

Totally FANTASTIC! I work in a Secondary school - just about to leave and have made all my Yr 9 Tutor group an individual certificate!

Delores Cover, 9th July 2007

what a brilliant site, came across it through 'Secondary teacher' and I cannot get enoughof it all

Jackie Davies, 7th July 2007

FANTASTIC glad ive found you

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