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beth, 18th July 2007

this is a fantastic site...there should be more like it! thank you so so much!

Genevieve, 15th July 2007

Excellent site, added to favorites!! ;)

Pat, 15th July 2007

What a treasure of printables. I have turned on my fellow co-workers onto this site and they also love it. Thanks so much for the fantasic website. I teach elementary and laminate many of the printiables as work stations.

Silvia, 13th July 2007

What a fantastic website! Came across it by chance looking for ideas to make certificates for a 'virtues / moral education class' which I run at a community centre for about 14 children.. The printables and downloads will also be very useful for my own child with Aspergers.

Jules, 13th July 2007

Totally FANTASTIC! I work in a Secondary school - just about to leave and have made all my Yr 9 Tutor group an individual certificate!

Delores Cover, 9th July 2007

what a brilliant site, came across it through 'Secondary teacher' and I cannot get enoughof it all

Jackie Davies, 7th July 2007

FANTASTIC glad ive found you

AnonymousRicky, 7th July 2007

Thank you thank you thank you. This has given me at least 3 weeks of the summer holiday back as I can now find what I need without hours of trawling.

Anonymous, 6th July 2007

Simply GREAT!!!!Thank you.

ELLEN JENKINS, 6th July 2007

What a fantastic site. As an SEN Learning Assistant it has helped me so much. My children love to play games and these are so educational for literacy and numeracy. Thank you keep it up.

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