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Anonymous, 12th September 2007

Your cracker jack wheels don't seem to be up to your usual high standard. The sums don't add up !

Thats the idea! Only in one position will all the revealed solutions be correct - hence the red herrings!

Anonymous, 12th September 2007

Wish I had this found this site when I started teaching! Best educational website I've found!

Christine, 8th September 2007

Amazing!Found it when looking for help on other sites.Thank you it is free, quick and effective.

Ewelina, 8th September 2007

Wow! What an excellent bank of useful resources. I have just started my first job as a Special Needs Teacher and this site has been priceless. I got lots of ideas from it which will no doubt use in the classroom. And it's all free!!! THANK YOU.

bets, 7th September 2007

I'm having trouble download the enlarged version of dominos. I do have MS Internet explorer. Does anyone have any ideas

sue, 7th September 2007

Great Site...Thanks so much for the help...It made a special classroom activity even better...used your certificate helper.

IEUAN, 5th September 2007


Grace, 1st September 2007

Thanks so much for this web site. I'm in LOVE. I was able to make word cards and then have them enlarged to post in my classroom.

Jan, 1st September 2007

What a famtastic site. Thanks so much.

Anonymous, 31st August 2007

What an amaing website!!! Thanks so much for making it free! I am so tired of paying all the membership fees :)

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