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Angie, 20th September 2007

Wonderful hand-outs to use for 3D study as part of elementary architecture unit

Gina Sheehan, 20th September 2007

Thank you so much in my hour of need, what a great site keep up the good work x

Scarlett, 19th September 2007

I think your site is amazing. You are extremely kind to make these high quality resources freely available. Thanks so much.

Georgina, 19th September 2007

Fantastic web site. I love it. Saves lots of time. Still haven't explored everything yet. Thank you

Anonymous, 19th September 2007

i was at the course last week which was excellnt and gave me a lot to think about in my job

Angela, 14th September 2007

Fabulous website, congratulations. Love it!

Tracey, 14th September 2007

I love this site. It has saved me so much time and effort with the great downloads etc... Thanks

Anonymous, 12th September 2007

Your cracker jack wheels don't seem to be up to your usual high standard. The sums don't add up !

Thats the idea! Only in one position will all the revealed solutions be correct - hence the red herrings!

Anonymous, 12th September 2007

Wish I had this found this site when I started teaching! Best educational website I've found!

Christine, 8th September 2007

Amazing!Found it when looking for help on other sites.Thank you it is free, quick and effective.

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