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Brandi, 4th October 2007

I think this website is great. Finally some help on a simple to use/ navigate website. Thanks to all who put in time an effort for this site.

Tricia Molina, 2nd October 2007

I was so lucky to find this site! It will be so useful for my students.

Catherine, 29th September 2007

I think this site is fantastic. I have spend hours making resources exactly like these!!!!

Anonymous, 26th September 2007

Can i just say that this is a fantastc website!

Wilma Dent, 25th September 2007

Help! I love the site and keep coming back to it for inspiration. Today however I am having great difficulty when I go to enlarge printables as they get smaller not bigger- any ideas what the problem is?

Its because you're using the Firefox browser - although its much better than Internet Explorer in most respects it doesn't support Flash embedded on the page with relative sizes which is how the enlargement works. Hopefully will be supported soon.

Susie, 24th September 2007

I haven't been teaching for the past year or so and so have only just returned to and it has got even better. Thankyou so much for all the excellent resources that are making our teaching lives so much easier. Fantastic!

Connie Cope, 22nd September 2007

A Gold Mine!

Anonymous, 22nd September 2007

wonderful website!!! im a currently a special education major!

Anonymous, 21st September 2007

i think u should have somr more option for the ceritficates because i dont really like those option that are there now thank you very much comming from trinidad and tobago

Barbara, 20th September 2007

what a life saver, you haved saved me many hours of reserch on cutouts for 3d shapes thanks art student

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