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Anonymous, 15th October 2007


slimhipps, 14th October 2007

superb...i will spread the word at my scool and through

jim carson, 13th October 2007

Great site. Lots of super stuff including excellant set of nets on different 3D shapes. My classes all enjoyed colouring the sides and making the solids up. Great for a display!

amina , 9th October 2007

im not a teacher but i have kids and i think that youre site helps alot with craft making an so and im from Trinidad and Tobago. thanks alot

KATE, 7th October 2007

I don't seem to be able to downloadprintables. Am I doing something wrong?

Bridget, 7th October 2007

There seems to be a connection problem. Will you be able to rectify this soo? 07.10.07

Ruth, 7th October 2007

I have always enjoyed downloading materials fromthis excellent site but today the paghes are not loading. Is there a problem with the site. From a user in Grenada

Jane, 7th October 2007

Love the site. Having trouble downloading printables this weekend is it me or is it happening to everyone?

The website has been moved to another server over the weekend and this has caused loss of connection for some users. It may take up to 24hrs for the change of address to be registered everywhere, but after that things should be back to normal and hopefully a little faster.

Dianne, 7th October 2007

This site is a god send and I use it all the time for my SEN resources. The fact that things can be adapted makes it even better! Thank you!

Nicola Lovell, 6th October 2007

WOW! What an amazing resource for a busy busy frantic SENCO in a busy primary! I am indebted to all those that contribute & organise all the ideas. Thank you.

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