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Karl Jessen, 24th October 2007

Printables are a realy good. Working in behaviour support there are a lot of of these printables that can be used to get the children engaged in learning both for the primary and seconary kids.

Anonymous, 22nd October 2007

fantastic. at last something worthwhile!

Hiacynta, 21st October 2007

Very interesting website. Keep up the outstanding work and thank you...

Anonymous, 21st October 2007

The printibles are realy usefull for math lessons and are great fun to make! Keep it up.

Anonymous, 21st October 2007

this is the best teacher help website ive ever seen and its the only one is use

M.d, 20th October 2007

your website is amasing specially the downloads ..thank u

Kathy, 20th October 2007

I'm a Reading First Coach in only my 2nd year, in a very large, low-income district. The teachers look to me to help them find resources to meet the diverse needs of their students, today I found your website and its wonderful resources.....THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Boleslava, 19th October 2007

This is a cool site! Thanks and wish you better luck! Brilliant but simple idea.

Anonymous, 19th October 2007

I am a special education teacher and a big fan of your website. On your counting in two's body parts graph chart it is missing the "legs stickers". I would truly appreciate if you could post stickers that go with the legs. Thank you.

I've added an extra page on the graph printer with a set of paired stickers.

Joanna, 16th October 2007

Really helpfull site just got some great certificates for my class they will love them.

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