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Louise, 12th November 2007

great site with fab resources a T A's best pal.

Alison Tarrant, 11th November 2007

F.A.B site! wonderful for children for all ages and needs,great web for teachers and parents, i always use the site and home and when i go into school to help the children.

Joanne, 10th November 2007

This site is amazing!! Really useful and fantastic ideas.

Anonymous, 7th November 2007

Wow! What a wonderful site. I was looking everywhere for coin pictures and then I found your site. Thank you!

sharon John, 6th November 2007

thanks you so much your website have given me a lot of postive input.

Aunty Math, 4th November 2007

What a wonderful site. I will be recommending to all my students. One suggestion is that the Math Bingo Cards do2learn have diamond and oval which are incorrect math terms. This should be changed to rhombus and ellipse, which are as easily learned.

Kim Clark, 2nd November 2007

This was sooo helpful! if there couldbe sooo more pictures example a star or heart or something for top marks in spelling it would be great

Vicky, 2nd November 2007

You have saved a students life - well time. I've just done 2 weeks of my last 6 week block and have worked 110 hours over the 2 weeks. It's now half term and I've spent the last 4 days making resources - until I discovered you and now it's easier, instead of entertaining my children. Who says teachers don't deserve 13 weeks hols a year!!! Thanks

Lisa Merkley, 1st November 2007

Excellent resources!!!

Anonymous, 1st November 2007

This was soooo helpful! I did use it for somethin gother than teraching so, if the pictures and borders had more varity it would be awesome!!

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