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Mark Ashmore, 28th November 2007

I represent a teaching supply agency by the name of Connex Education (, we provide Teaching supply and support staff to a huge number of SEN schools and centres. This site has proved very usefull to our staff, thanks. If there are any users of this site looking for SEN work within the Midlands or the North West please feel free to contact us.

felicia s, 28th November 2007

just what i was looking for. thanks (:

Karen James, 28th November 2007

Just want to say thankyou for a really good way to boost my childrens confidence.I regularly print them out certificates for different things like behaviour and just because i love them.

Anonymous, 27th November 2007

this is a good site for kids who need help or play school like me!!

adam musa, 24th November 2007

This is my first time visit to your lovely and easy to use page the resources are very useful i wish all Sen teachers are aware of this valueable webpage. thank you once again. surely will add to my favorites.

Alice, 24th November 2007

Thank you! Love this website its excellent for any one-one who has children even for teachers! Its the best site i've ever come across! Thank you once aagain

Bright, 22nd November 2007

Thanks for putting up this site! Very handy.

allen teruel, 20th November 2007

this site is wonderful! love it! thanks..

Kim, 19th November 2007

Thank you for such wonderfully, useful resources. However I do have a couple of suggestions. 1. In the Arithmetic maker section would it be possible to have math problems with decimals. 2.In the Number lines section would it be possible to choose starting number and the incremental increase.For example, start on 35, carry on counting in 1s Many thanks again.

Sue Webber, 19th November 2007

First visit this morning - will explore the site in much more detail next time. Seems very useful. Thank you

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