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Anonymous, 21st January 2008

i love the shapes

Juliet Mallett, 20th January 2008

I am a year 3/4 teacher and this website is an absolute goldmine of resources.Thank you so much,I will be recommending it to all my collegues!My class are going to really enjoy these new ways to learn.

Anonymous, 19th January 2008

This is a cool website.I am not a teacher but a ten year old child.I use this for my club at school.

gwyneth, 19th January 2008

Thank you! What a fab site. Plenty of resources which you can adapted for a wide range of children and abilities. A good quick site if you are short of time which many people are who work in schools like i do. Thank you again!!!!!!!! :-)X

Anonymous, 19th January 2008

A very useful website Thankyou.

kimberley, 19th January 2008

i have never been on this before seen teachers use this but nver been on it quite a cool website and my mum has gone crazy with me because of finding the certifacated cool

Jiun, 18th January 2008

I love this website so much. It saves so much of my time which I could have use it on my children!

Ros, 16th January 2008

Thank you! Thank you! Ther are some brilliant redources on this site. Could I ask for worries male to be added to the thought bubble page please.

Anonymous, 16th January 2008

where is your icosahedron

Mrs Adele Atkinson, 15th January 2008

I have found this an excellent site to use and the free printable downloads have been a God send for a quick activity. It has saved me hours of work devising my own worksheets. Thank you very much.

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