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Nikky.D, 31st January 2008

I really love SEN teacher. It is cool, fab and fantastic.I don't know what to say but, i really love this site. Thanks for the site.

Anne, 31st January 2008

Just printed first set of Dominos. great site. Thanks

zwaan, 31st January 2008

mooie website

Louise, 30th January 2008

What a fab website!!

Amy, 30th January 2008

Great website guys! Tried to email over somthing of interest to add to useful links..but afraid the email rejected :o( I was trying

Nicky, 30th January 2008

Brilliant website. Has given me wonderful resources. haven't come across another website so useful as this one. Thank you!

Alison , 29th January 2008

An excellent site. I recommend it to EVERYBODY and use it every day. Thank You!!

Anonymous, 29th January 2008

We printed out the nets of shapes and had great fun making them!

Eleanor, 28th January 2008

Many thanks for a brilliant site. I needed some certificates for a parents course I am running, and was able to use your templates. Much better than anything I could have produced ( and quicker!!)

will, 27th January 2008

great site

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