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samantha, 19th February 2008

in our house we have got stuff that is from you i love your website bye.

, 17th February 2008

Many thanks for a super resource. Have found it invaluable for my mixed attainment mainstream children as well as my supported children. There is material here suitable for all the primary age range and to put an age on would not be appropriate. Teachers who know their children should be able to choose what is appropriate from the wonderful resources. the clock site is particularly useful for KS2 as well as KS1 and can be used on an IWB

Sue Rogers, 15th February 2008

Excellent site, being support in primary school and mom of two specail needs children i have found some great worksheets, tools for school and home. Thank you x

you are hot , 14th February 2008

hi i think this is a fab website if only i had an age writtien on it so we can tell which works for who

Anonymous, 12th February 2008

i like how you printed

Miss G, 12th February 2008

Very Intresting and useful

Anonymous, 12th February 2008

A great site with some excellent resources but very difficult to read the print for someone who has bad eyesight

ellen lunz, 12th February 2008

I am a speech and language pathologist who juts found a link to your site. Its just about the best site I have ever seen for creating therapy materials! Keep up the good work!

jules harper, 12th February 2008

Just come across this site by accident.How brilliant it is.Just want to say a big thank you.Im about to start a teacher assistant course.Having just passed classroom assistant.It will be so useful.So thanks again.

Anonymous67, 9th February 2008

I am austic and dyslexic i need lots of help plus the hact i have a medical condition with my spine which mean i need to wear a brace 24 hours 7 days a week this site is really good

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