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kandi, 12th April 2008

i liked this it was great for my graduation certificate.

Gemma, 10th April 2008

Fantastic website! You have saved me many hours in resource making! Thanks :) Only gutted I didn't find you sooner!!

Bill Martin, 29th March 2008

A superb site. I was found your site while looking for money activities for helping people with dementia. Having looked at your other activities, I feel I could use some of them them as well, thank you for making them available at no cost. Keep up the good work.

Andy, 27th March 2008

I love this site its fantastic, keep up the good work

Anonymous, 27th March 2008

i love how u do this.good job

Tasneem Gamieldien, 26th March 2008

I LOVE this web site!!!! well done! I love the fact that I can can make flah cards and games directly from this web site!!!! AMAZING!!! And free of charge!!!!I feel like I have died and gone to teachers heaven!! thank you

Anna Marie, 25th March 2008

I stumbles upon this web site when I was looking for 3-D shapes. I was so impressed with it that I told several teachers within the hour. I teach a 3rd grade inclusion classroom with various disabilities. You can imagine how thrilled I was when I realized that it was also an SEN site. Since we are also an ESOL magnet, I also showed our ESOL teacher the picture cards. THANK YOU!!

Jax, 20th March 2008

Superb website, very informative and fantastic time saving resources too -THANK YOU

judith, 19th March 2008

this site has been a great help to my class and me thanks

S. Harrington, 19th March 2008

Sen Teacher has been a god send. I love the variety of worksheet available and the ease of manuvering through the different pages. I save a lot of time using your worksheets instead creating my own.

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