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Anonymous, 16th July 2008

this site is absolutely brilliant...such wonderful resources to help our children florish in schools...thanks a bunch!!

Shumena, 14th July 2008

I think some of the stuff on this site is so helpful. Iw ork with SEN children adn it is always a difficulty trying to find alternative work for them but this site has truly helped.

Anonymous, 12th July 2008

cool website

Anonymous, 10th July 2008


Anonymous, 7th July 2008

I work on a 1-1 basis with a child and have used a number of the resources on here. i just wanted to say thank you as they have been a great help.

Anonymous, 6th July 2008

I will let others Know definetly. Your website is really useful and all my friends now. i car'nt thank you enough.

Patrick, 6th July 2008

I agree with all the latest comments. I will be starting work in an SEN secondary school,having come from mainstream. This site is going to be a great help to me and I think I might become a regular viewer. I will be teaching MFL and there are 2 sites which are great for MFL and which you mightwant to add as links. I'll let you know how I get on!

Leila, 6th July 2008

This site is brilliant. I've been a SENco for 3 years and wish I'd found this earlier. Thanks and well done!

Cathy Davies, 3rd July 2008

I work with a young child who has Downs Syndrome and this site has been fantastic for her. I have used many of the resources both as they come and for creating my own games.I have told many people about this site and will continue to do so! Thanks for a fantstic site!!!!!

Anonymous, 3rd July 2008

What a great site. Thanks!

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