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J.P.R., 28th July 2008

I was just looking on the web for multiplication charts to use in Spec Ed sumemr school and came upon this site..GREAT!!! I'm excited to pass this website to my fellow teachers!!

Anonymous, 28th July 2008

these nets are amazing i just love them

Anna (Italy), 27th July 2008

Great website! I'm an EFL teacher and your help with all these fantastic and useful tools is very very important for my everyday teaching. Thanks a lot!

Louise King, 27th July 2008

As an NQT this resource has helped me such a lot with displays, etc and has made life easier for me and my kids. Thanks so much!!!

Anonymous, 19th July 2008

I love the certificate maker. It makes you certificates in less than 5 minutes. Oh yes!

Carole Anne, 18th July 2008

This is an excellent link for teachers. thank you very much, I will certainly be using most of your assistance in my day to day teaching.

Anonymous, 16th July 2008

I like the certificate maker.

Anonymous, 16th July 2008

this site is absolutely brilliant...such wonderful resources to help our children florish in schools...thanks a bunch!!

Shumena, 14th July 2008

I think some of the stuff on this site is so helpful. Iw ork with SEN children adn it is always a difficulty trying to find alternative work for them but this site has truly helped.

Anonymous, 12th July 2008

cool website

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