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Anonymous, 9th October 2008

love the emotions dice, works well!

Linda, 9th October 2008

Oh my goodness! What a phenomenal website full of unbelievable resources for EVERY content and skill! This is the best website and I can't believe it is free! Thank you so much for all of these phenomenal resources I can use immediately!

Anonymous, 8th October 2008

Brilliant site. Will be very usefull for my homeschooling.

Anonymous, 7th October 2008

How do you draw a cuboid

susie, 7th October 2008

I think this site is excellent I have downloaded lots of worksheets and can not wait to get started.

Erika, 6th October 2008

Thank you! It really helps my job! Marvellous!

Ginga, 5th October 2008

This site is great..... However on your certificates you have a brillant letters cert, but no numbers cert!!!! I am a maths teacher..... Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can I have a certificate with a numbers border like the letters one?! ;-)

Anonymous, 4th October 2008

i think this website is great

Jenny, 1st October 2008

Great site -- my pupils really like the follow me cards. They did find a problem with the "percentages of 200" cards though -- there are 2 identical questions (and 2 identical answers to go with them). This caused a great deal of confusion!

Heather Fischer, 30th September 2008

I love the word card page!!! It has been a big help with spelling and weekly vocabulary for my students with learning disabilities. Thank You!!!!!

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