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Sara Spain, 22nd October 2008

This is the best website for teachers I've ever seen. THANK YOU for all this great work.

Jackie, 21st October 2008

What a fantastic resource. I'm a trainee TA and mother of a child with Down Syndrome. How I wish I had known about this site before now!!

Terri, 20th October 2008

To find so many useful printables on one site is a real treat. Thank you so much! If you are looking for anything to add, I'd love the shopping math to go into dollars and cents. You have done awesome work!

Grace, 18th October 2008

Great site:-)

Hanah, 18th October 2008

like the shapes cool!

Pamela Chahda, 17th October 2008

I stumbled upon this web site today and have lamented that I didn't find it years ago!! What a great resource!

Paul Cogan, 16th October 2008

Been teaching for 3 years now and thought I was clued up about free resoruce sites. Only just come across this site courtesy of my TA and wow its amazing! I love hands on resources and this site is great for that! Really appreciate all the hard work that has been put into this site! Well done guys and gals!

Anonymous, 14th October 2008

doing teaching practice and this was a great help thanks!!!

mrs maz potts, 11th October 2008

Fantastic site, will be visiting again and again and again....Well done!

Rachel , 9th October 2008

So glad I stumbled upon this website it's such a fantastic resource! I love the printables section

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