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Imtiaz Ahmed, 13th November 2008

I am A parent of three children and found this site after my nine year old asked me to help her with her home work on 3D shapes and found it to be an excellent resource. Thank-you very much

Anonymous, 11th November 2008

I am an adult tutor for students with learning difficulties. Excellent range of resources that have been really enjoyed by my groups! Thanks! : )

R Mudhar, 11th November 2008

I am really impressed with the site and resources available. I am not a teacher, just a mum who is trying to help her 7 year old with understanding maths and your resourses were the best. THANKS :)

Anonymous, 10th November 2008

I am an adult literacy teacher, and have found this a wonderful resource site for making my own materials to support my students. Many many thanks. I have passed on the details of the site to lots of other people, too.

OveloFlalse, 9th November 2008

Thank you for such good site. It is sorry that before him did not find

Haseena Siddique , 8th November 2008

I have to say as a student teacher, this website has become a lifeline for me. It has helped me with not only my children with learning disabilities but resources that can be used to help the rest of my class. A super website that should be recognised for the constant source of help it gives. Many thanks

Wikus van der Walt, 7th November 2008

Thanks for the printable information on nets and 3D shapes. I am a male teacher at a primary school in South Africa and this helped me to compile my Math papers for the final exams (Gr 4 - 7) of the year. I will definately make moer use of this in the future. Many thanks.

Caymen Murphy, 7th November 2008

Loved The Cetifercate Maker Fabo Mr.Murphy

Trish Chandler, 6th November 2008

A fantastic site with simple, clear resources FOR FREE!

Kay Geldart, 6th November 2008

What an absolutely fabulous site. Spent all night printing off resources for my literacy intervetion group. Going to school tomorrow to tell everybody about you. Keep up the brilliant work.

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