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Geeta Peter, 12th December 2008

Excellent resources. Very useful printables. Helped me with my 3D Topic in geometry. Thank you very much

Bratimaeus101, 11th December 2008

I like the nets. Especially the cube and the pyramid.

Anonymous, 9th December 2008

A great website, thank you so much....

M.T, 6th December 2008

Good website, v.helpful!

Anonymous, 2nd December 2008

The certificate maker is fabulous!!! I love it and my students love earning them!

Jane Armstrong, 1st December 2008

As an LSA for a child with Downs Syndrome I find your rescources invaluable, and have told other5 LSA's and TA's in our school. We now use your range of free printables throughout the school. Thank you!

Anonymous, 26th November 2008

Thank goodness I don't have to stamp out pages of clock faces any more! So much easier (assuming the printer is working, but that's another story)

Jacqui Andres, 25th November 2008

Brilliant. Clear printable worksheets saved me huge amounts of time. Thank you.

Christie, 23rd November 2008

I am so happy to find your website. As a new special education teacher it is wonderful to find such great resources. Thank you

, 20th November 2008

Wonderful site. Very versatile and useful! Thank you.

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