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joan knight, 27th January 2009

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing these useful ideas and resources. I think its great that other educationalists are willing to share for the ultimate benefit of young people. Thank you again.

Anonymous, 27th January 2009

This is a very useful website to use! I will recomend your website to some friends.

Brenda McNeil, 26th January 2009

thanks for all the great ideas. I have recommended your site to several friends.

Dianne, 25th January 2009

I loved this web site. I found many useful picture cards I could use in my class. Thank You

Shaun Webb, 25th January 2009

Ifound this website by accident last night and so far I have found the 2 things I was looking for and I plan to use it more now to help my son as this site looks just what help I need. many thanks

Ingrid, 22nd January 2009

Fantastic website thanks from the Netherlands

Anonymous, 20th January 2009

very good and informative worksheets

Pat Williams, 19th January 2009

Your site is very useful.

Helen , 15th January 2009

What a fantastic Website am going to have a lot of fun now helping my little girl learn to read and write , Count i will be passing this website on to the local primary school . Thank you very much

Carol Schwartz, 12th January 2009

I have found some very useful things at this sight and look forward to using them in my class.

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