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Anonymous, 4th March 2009

I think this website is fantastic for rewarding children for their work and behaviour.

Anonymous, 2nd March 2009

This is the BEST website I have ever come across. There are some many useful printables. I have searched for so long to find good photos to create a receptive language picture "book" for my autistic students. Thank you so much for the picture maker on your site. Best of luck to you!

Monica W., 1st March 2009

Thank you for the resources on this site. As a mother of a child with disabilities and a teacher of students with special needs, I have found it very helpful.

Anonymous, 24th February 2009

Don't know what I would do without this site! The resources are perfect....Thank you!!!

Anonymous, 24th February 2009


Sunny , 22nd February 2009

I think this site is absolutely fantastic and i partcularly like the emotions resources. They fit in with my work very well. Many thanks!

Keanen , 20th February 2009

Great website

Anonymous, 20th February 2009

This is a great site. Printouts are supportive and eay for parents to support learning at home.

Erika Doyle, 20th February 2009

This is awesome. I love this site. Thank you so much!

Anonymous, 17th February 2009

This is a great website! I especially love the printouts of the nets! I'm a PROBE 6th grade sudent myself looking for a website to understand the 3D figures and now I get it! Thanks!

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