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Anonymous, 24th February 2009

Don't know what I would do without this site! The resources are perfect....Thank you!!!

Anonymous, 24th February 2009


Sunny , 22nd February 2009

I think this site is absolutely fantastic and i partcularly like the emotions resources. They fit in with my work very well. Many thanks!

Keanen , 20th February 2009

Great website

Anonymous, 20th February 2009

This is a great site. Printouts are supportive and eay for parents to support learning at home.

Erika Doyle, 20th February 2009

This is awesome. I love this site. Thank you so much!

Anonymous, 17th February 2009

This is a great website! I especially love the printouts of the nets! I'm a PROBE 6th grade sudent myself looking for a website to understand the 3D figures and now I get it! Thanks!

Ashu, 15th February 2009

This is coooooooooooooooooooool

T ina Rowlands, 13th February 2009

This is great i am a childminder and have found your site so useful. I have let everyone know about the site. Highley recomended.

Mk, 10th February 2009

I love this site and the 3-D shapes are brilliant! any chance of putting up Euro coins?

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