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Kay Wood , 19th October 2016

Thank you

Anonymous, 11th October 2016

thank you will be helping my daughter

christina, 26th September 2016

Thank you very much appreciated

Ms Nan, 25th September 2016

Thank you for this, I will be using it with adult basic education

Anonymous, 18th September 2016

Thankyou for the great resources

LBice, 8th July 2016

The printable facial cards are great for social skills groups. I work with children on the spectrum, ages 6-9yr. We discuss the expressions, describe personal experiences with the expression, and create skits for each. We also have to choose the most appropriate card between two to three cards, based on teacher description of a short story.

Anonymous, 30th June 2016

Much thanks for the 3D models printable. I was able to assist my 7 year old with a school assignment at the last minute.Trinidad and Tobago

lucia, 28th June 2016

hi Im really thankful for your work This site is great, I use it a lot mainly to print my flashcards sets. I have a question I usually SAVE my wordlists, but I never find them afterwords.

Thanks - it takes a few days to check and make shared wordlists public when there's a lot in the queue - but if you check back you should find them.

Cedric , 18th June 2016

Thanks for these resources. .....looking forward to putting them into practice

Sue, 1st June 2016

I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for this website and all the resources and links What a huge undertaking on your part to produce such an amazing website.As an Early Years teacher and a private tutor living in Perth Western Australia I am and will be eternally grateful for the access to such quality resources and ideas.CheersSue

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