• Updated: 2015
  • Author: Intel Labs
  • Homepage: ACAT
  • License: GPL/LGPL
  • Control: Gesture, Switch, Keys
  • File Size: 188MB
  • Downloads: 4933

Windows Download

Added September 2015

ACAT (Assistive Context-Aware Toolkit) is easily the most famous AAC software in the world as it was created for and with Professor Stephen Hawking. In addition to AAC, ACAT also provides switch access to most Windows software and includes very capable mouse emulation functions.

The software can be operated using a single physical switch or with a standard webcam and the included ACAT Vision application which allows small facial gestures to be used to control it.

The software is for advanced, literate users but is extremely fast once the interface is familiar - partly due to the text prediction software it uses - Presage - which is actually superior to most commercial word prediction offerings. Presage is worth checking out in its own right and is already usable with a growing number of other free applications.

ACAT Video Walkthrough

Intel Labs have released the software as Open Source - as well as being free for anyone to download and use, other developers are allowed to build on the work, improve the software or add new features and hardware support.

Note that while most of the software runs on any version of Windows, the ACAT Vision software requires a 64-bit version of Windows.

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