• Updated: 2015
  • Author: Gal Sont
  • Homepage: Click2Speak
  • License: Freeware Other
  • Control: Gesture, Pointer, Touch
  • File Size: 16MB
  • Downloads: 2331

Windows Download

Added March 2015

Click2Speak is a full-featured virtual keyboard with desktop access and brilliant predictive text in several languages. It was created by a developer with MND (ALS) who uses eye gaze to write the code.

The software includes built-in support for the new breed of sub-$100 eye gaze cameras - The Eye Tribe and Tobii EyeX. Standard mice, head trackers or other eye gaze devices with mouse emulation can also be used.

Support for switch access is currently in development.

It's a great free package for literate eye gaze users which additionally provides access to desktop software and external devices like TVs and STBs (using a cheap IR remote extension).

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