• Updated: 2016
  • Author: Pierre Titeux
  • Homepage: GazeSpeaker
  • License: Other Libre License
  • Control: Gesture, Pointer, Touch
  • File Size: 270MB
  • Downloads: 4967

Windows Download

Added February 2015

"Gazespeaker is a free software designed to help people with disabilities to communicate and interact with their environment and the web uniquely with their eyes."

This is a fantastic free suite for eye gaze which is developing at pace. AAC options include symbol grids (using ARASAAC) and keyboard entry - predictive text and numerous languages and keyboard layouts are provided. Multiple users are supported and a capable grid editor included.

The software includes built-in support for very reasonably priced eye gaze units such as Tobii EyeX and provides built-in dwell or blink selection. In mouse mode Gazetalker will work with any pointing device - including head mice (see the related downloads at the base of this page) or other cheap eye gaze systems which include mouse emulation - eg Gazepoint GP3.

Other modules provide some simple training activities for new eye gaze users and access to mail, files, photo albums, Googlemaps, video and web browsing. View Video Introduction.

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