Open Autism Software

Open Autism Software

Open Autism Software

  • Updated: 2010
  • Author: Prof. JP Hourcade
  • Homepage: UIOWA
  • License: GPL/LGPL
  • Control: Touch, Pointer
  • File Size: 63.4MB
  • Downloads: 3183

Windows Download

Open Autism Software is a suite of activities for Windows computers - ideally those with multitouch screens.

The software was developed to engage ASD children in computer based activities which allowed parents, supporters and others to participate in creation and completion - and to more immediately model use.

Activities include:

  • Collaborative Story Telling - using onscreen drawing
  • Collaborative Music Composition - simple grid based music controller
  • Untangle - string puzzle including a forced cooperation activity
  • Emotional modelling - Goo style photo morphing

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