Switchbox Invaders

Switchbox Invaders

Switchbox Invaders

  • Updated: 2014
  • Author: Simon Evans
  • Homepage: SEN Teacher
  • License: Freeware Other
  • Control: Switch, Keys
  • File Size: 45-64MB
  • Downloads: 6802

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Updated - September 2014

Updated to fix a few bugs and add support for NeuroSky/ThinkGear headsets.

Switch Box Invaders is also available as a cheap app for iPads and newer iPhones & iPods.

Apple App Store

Switch Box Invaders was originally created for a student learning to use assistive technology switches to control the iPad. The game is a motivational means of developing and improving sequencing, timing and basic switch control skills.

The Windows and OSX versions are free for non-commercial use, including at home and in schools.

Switch Box Invaders Settings Screen shows various options to slowdown game speed, change visual contrast and alter switch settings

Switch Box Invaders is controlled using a single switch - or mouse button, spacebar and other key presses. The speed of gameplay can be adjusted to suit slower players and an optional high-visibility mode is provided with clearer graphics.

Game Over Screen Shots contrasting a black on yellow colour scheme with full colour palette

Backspace or Home keys exit a game early, Esc or Alt-F4 exit the game on Windows. If the game is jerky, or for a smaller game play area, reduce your screen size before starting the game.

The game can also be played using eye-blinks and a NeuroSky Mindwave Headset.

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