GazeTalk 5.0

GazeTalk 5.0

GazeTalk 5.0

  • Updated: 2010
  • Author: ITU
  • Homepage: ITU GazeGroup
  • License: Freeware Other
  • Control: Touch, Pointer, Switch
  • File Size: 24Mb
  • Downloads: 3081

Windows Download

GazeTalk is a predictive text-entry system for severely disabled people that has a restricted on-screen keyboard with ambiguous layout. The goal of the GazeTalk project is to develop an eye-tracking based AAC system that supports several languages, facilitates fast text entry, and is sufficiently feature-complete to be deployed as the primary AAC tool for users.

The system is designed for several target languages, initially Danish, English, Italian, German and Japanese.

GazeTalk features

  • type-to-talk
  • writing
  • email
  • web browser
  • Multimedia player
  • PDF reader
  • letter and word prediction, and word completion
  • speech output
  • can be operated by gaze, headtracking, mouse, joystick, or any other pointing device
  • supports step-scanning (new!)
  • supports users with low precision in their movements, or trackers with low accuracy
  • allows the user to use Dasher inside GazeTalk and to transfer the text written in Dasher back to GazeTalk

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