Picto Selector

Picto Selector

Picto Selector

  • Updated: 2015
  • Author: Martijn van der Kooij
  • Homepage: PictoSelector
  • License: Freeware Other
  • Control: Pointer, Keys
  • File Size: 168MB
  • Downloads: 11887

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Picto Selector is a free communication board, schedule maker and picture exchange card printing application which includes advanced symbol management and editing functions.

Picto Selector comes with three huge free symbol libraries - Sclera, ARASAAC and Mulberry which together provide a collection of around 28,000 symbols.

In addition to the bundled symbols, you are also able to make use of your own clipart, text and photographs. Numerous options for adapting and editing the existing symbol libraries are also provided.

The application is developing and improving constantly - support for networked use and large organisations are among the latest additions.

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