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AAC Card Maker

This tool prints picture exchange cards in a range of styles and sizes. Card pictures can be added via a Web Image Search or by using your own images and symbols. For best results use multiple keywords when searching - eg 'cat playing with wool' or 'Tesco Supermarket in Romford" etc

Strict Safety filters are on and minimise the risk of inappropriate images being located with Image Search, but please report problem images if a lewd or inappropriate image slips though the filter.

Sources of Free AAC Symbols

The following sites and organisations produce some great AAC pictographic symbol sets which can be used without charge for non-commercial purposes:

  • ARASAAC A great set of Creative Commons pictographs, photosymbols and signing clips.
  • Sclera Picto - monochrome AAC symbols created with and for adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • Bliss Symbolics - long-established in AAC contexts, but quite different and abstract - Bliss is a visual language.
  • Do2Learn - loads of free pre-made picture cards and communication boards for users with autism
  • How It Is - small symbol set from the NSPCC focusing on rights, feelings, safety and sexuality
  • Straight Street - a colourful symbol set released under Creative Commons.
  • PictoSelector - excellent freeware board making software which includes 24,000 symbols

Information about picture communication approaches

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