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SEN Teacher has printables, specialist links, free software downloads and search tools for all types and levels of special and remedial education. SEN Teacher is also used by many parents and teachers of younger students and children without special needs.

Most printable resources can be adapted to suit a variety of individual needs. All SEN Teacher resources are free to use at school and in the home.

June 2015

Added 24 Hour clock options to the Clock Bingo Generator and options to display questions as digital time on the Draw Clock Hands printable. Still working on more substantial updates and new printables which will be finished for the new school year in September.

March 2015

SEN Teacher has moved to a much faster web server. The Search Tools have been overhauled this month. The Flash Cards Creator has had new fonts and an extra large card size added. Add a new Picture Lotto creator for literacy games.

February 2015

Added two new sound board downloads: Macbeth's Witches and FreeVOCA.

January 2015

Replaced some lost Literacy Printables. Added some new assistive technology freeware.

December 2014

The free Windows and OSX versions of Light Box 3.2 are available.

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