Print Troubleshooting

Printables on SEN Teacher are generated on demand to allow customisation and to include random content which ensures worksheets and games are repeatable.

Always use the Print Preview and then Print buttons to print or create downloadable sheets; this will ensure only the sheets themselves are printed and the best quality output is provided.

All printables on SEN Teacher are optimised for the ratio used by A3, A4 and A5 paper. In addition to live printing on the website, printables can be saved as PDF documents. Quality and Ink settings apply both to live printing and the PDF downloads.

Older computers and mobile devices with low memory may struggle to print at the high quality settings.

Most printables include space at the top of page to allow for teacher annotations and the students to write their name. As many common printer models can't print to the very base of the page, a margin of 1.5cm or so is added to the base of worksheets.

If the paper isn't filled when you print, or part of the page is cut off at the edges, you may need to adjust the printing settings in your web browser. See below for browser-specific help with margin settings when live printing on SEN Teacher.

Google Chrome Printer Settings

Google Chrome is the most commonly used web browser on Android and Windows devices.

Choose Scale 100 and Narrow or None in the margins setting when the printing dialogue appears.

Chrome Print Settings Screengrab

Mozilla Firefox Printer Settings

Mozilla Firefox is a free alternative to web browsers from Microsoft and Google

Firefox automatically sizes print outs to make the maximum use of paper - no additional settings changes should be necessary.

Firefox Print Settings Screengrab

Microsoft Edge Printer Settings

Edge is Microsoft's latest web browser for Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge always adds much wider print margins than other web browsers.

Choose Narrow margins, scale 100% and ensure Headers and Footers are Off.

Using the Download PDF button and printing offline will usually give better results.

Edge Print Settings Screengrab

Opera Printer Settings

Opera is another excellent free alternative to Microsoft, Apple and Google web browsers.

Choose Scale 100 and Margins None when the printing dialogue appears.

Opera Print Settings Screengrab

Internet Explorer Printer Settings

Internet Explorer is Microsoft's older Windows web browser - it provides betting printing options than MS Edge.

Choose Print then Page Setup from the browser settings menu (gear shaped icon) and reduce the margins settings to 0 for best results.

You should also make sure all the Header and Footer options are set to Empty.

Internet Explorer Print Settings Screengrab