Mathematics Printables : Photo Nets (3D)

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Create nets for common 3D shapes adding photos, textures or clipart images to the faces.

Upload one or more images or set all the faces to one of the preset textures provided.

Click on faces to load a photo or clipart image - choosing a preset photo fill will overwrite any images you have uploaded.

If you tick the Reuse Images box, the photos you upload will be distributed evenly between any remaining empty sides. You can optionally upload a different image for each side of the shape.

Create decorative photo cubes, maths models, base for Christmas decorations, packaging and much else.

Nets for the following polyhedra are included: cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, regular pyramid, octahedron, rhombic prism, tetrahedron, icosahedron, hexagonal prism, hexagonal pyramid, pentagonal prism and pyramid.

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These A4 downloads were created by printing to PDF in Google Chrome. Print directly from the tool above for higher quality printing up to and including A3 paper size.

  • Cone

  • Cube

  • Cuboid

    Enamel Paints
  • Hexagonal Prism

    Tree Bark
  • Hexagonal Prism

    Futuristic Metal
  • Hexagonal Prism

    Uploaded Images (three photos)
  • Hexagonal Pyramid

    Tie Dye
  • Octahedron

  • Pentagonal Prism

  • Pentagonal Pyramid

  • Regular Pyramid

    Mercury Waves
  • Tetrahedron

    Wood Effect

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