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Create scanning sheets with much scope for differentiation - add letters, graphemes, QWERTY keys or webdings.

Use the checkboxes to select the characters which pad out the rows and to increase space between rows.

Sheets are generated randomly each time a parameter is changed.

If the QWERTY font is chosen, use upper-case characters for letter keys and lower-case characters to add specialist keyboard buttons.

Use your mouse scroll wheel over the worksheet to adjust the runs vertically.

Updated June 2014 - now includes option to justify text and to include two copies of each run in parallel - suggested by a site user as a useful task/assessment with hemineglect .

Add an idea for this particular printable or report a mistake on it.

These A4 downloads were created by printing to PDF in Google Chrome. Print directly from the tool above for higher quality printing up to and including A3 paper size.

  • Find A

    Medium Letter Mash
  • Find A

    Simple Letter Mash
  • Find ING

    Complex Letter Mash
  • Find ING Dense

    L/R Split
  • Find ING Sparse

    L/R Split
  • Find TR

    Medium Letter Mash
  • QWERTY Insert Key

    Medium Letter Mash
  • QWERTY Windows Key

    Medium Letter Mash
  • Visual Literacy

    Medium Letter Mash

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