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Print squared paper in a range of colours and sizes for general maths use, pixel art, games and to laminate as whiteboards.

Various scales including inch, cm and mm can be selected - units assume printing at A4 paper size.

When printing grids with points, dots, triangles or intersecting crosses at sizes of 5mm and below, a faster but less precise method of printing is used.

Note that on-screen previews at the smaller scales will usually appear uneven, but printing is always precise using lines and generally accurate with the other demarcation styles.

For the most precise output print directly to paper using this tool rather than downloading or printing to PDF. Around 1cm of whitespace should be visible to the right of the grid - unfortunately some experimentation with your printer margins may be necessary to get mm perfect printing for measurement purposes.

If you are using Google Chrome - ensure margins are set to 'none' see: Adjusting Print Settings in Google Chrome

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These A4 downloads were created by printing to PDF in Google Chrome. Print directly from the tool above for higher quality printing up to and including A3 paper size.

  • Cyan

    Millimetre Squared
  • Green

    Centimetre Squared
  • Light Grey

    Centimetre Squared
  • Magenta

    Centimetre Squared
  • Rainbow

    5 Millimetre Squared
  • Rainbow

    2.5 Millimetre Squared
  • Yellow

    Centimetre Squared

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