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Print Word Searches from your wordlists - choose from hundreds of word lists, edit them or create your own.

Word Searches are randomly regenerated each time a setting is changed - a new Word Search with the same settings can be created by clicking the Refresh Grid button. Click the Resize button to change the overall size of the Word Search Grid - sizes from 7 to 30 square are possible.

Choose various word layout options and from a range of font styles including cued handwriting fonts and bubble fonts for tracing. If the Print Answer Sheet option is checked - two pages will be printed including a completed Word Search for marking or reference.

Note: All new word list submissions have to be moderated before they appear on the site - make sure you print or download word searches made with new lists before leaving.

Add an idea for this particular printable or report a mistake on it.

These A4 downloads were created by printing to PDF in Google Chrome. Print directly from the tool above for higher quality printing up to and including A3 paper size.

  • -AIR and -AIN

    10sq Grid - bubble font for inset tracing
  • -AIR and -AIN

    10sq Grid - print tracing font with guide lines
  • Animals

    20sq Grid - padded with question marks
  • Communication Tech

    15sq Grid - bold sans font
  • Compound Words

    25sq Grid - bold sans font
  • CVC Words

    10sq Grid - cursive tracing font with cues
  • CVC Words

    7sq Grid - bubble font for inset tracing
  • Egypt

    15sq Grid - bubble font for inset tracing
  • HF Words

    15sq Grid - bold sans font
  • Periodic Table

    30sq Grid - modern font
  • Soccer

    10sq Grid - serif font, visual impairment
  • Twelve Months

    10sq Grid - serif font, visual impairment

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