About Do2Learn

Do2learn provides many free and commerical teaching resources for pupils with learning difficulties.

The site has a focus on materials which may be of particular use to students with ASDs or Fetal Alchohol Spectrum Disorders.

The site includes a large number of free resources for printout and to play online. Other sections of the site support classroom organisation, provide advice for teachers and resource picture communication.

Do2Learn Frontpage

Main page of the site

FASD Teacher Toolbox

The Fetal Alcohol Specturm Disorder toolbox is a collection of printable resources, teaching strategies and advice.

Games and Songs

An excellent collection of free online learning games, songs and interactions.

Picture Cards

A collection of cards for comms boards or picture exchange

Advice Page

Real world advice to parents on SEN issues

Site Map

Full listing of all the available resources at do2learn.

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