ARASAAC is a fantastic and free portal for (AAC) Augmentative and Alternative Communication funded by the Aragonese Government.

All resources are free for non-commercial use and are licensed under Creative Commons.

The site provides over 11,000 colour symbols and supports several European languages - black and white versions of all symbols are also available.

ARASAAC also provide many thousands of communication photos suitable for picture exchange approaches and a vast library of audio fragments and video signs.

Main Page

Front page of Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Search Tools

Search the ARASAAC catalogue for signs, symbols and sounds

Free AAC Software

Free AAC tools which make use of ARASAAC symbols

Usage Examples

See who and how symbols are used to improve communication

Symbol Creator

Create and edit ARASAAC symbols to add new concepts quickly

Contributed Materials

A searchable library of AAC, learning materials etc uploaded by ARASAAC users

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